Apprentice Tests

Aug 30, 2012 red-zebra

We're looking for apprentice developers to join us at RedZebra Software.

There are a few tests we want you to take before coming for interview. The answers are pretty basic, don't require heaps of maths or complex array pushing and popping and are based on MSTests. Download the sample Solution below and code the tests to pass. You'll need a version of Microsoft Visual Studio which has tests built in - the Express Editions before 2010 don't have tests built into them. If you haven't got a Visual Studio edition with testing support, I'd recommend having a play with Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate for Web however you may need to ensure you import the right dependencies to get that going. If you can, download the full edition of Microsoft Visual Studio and you'll be able to code fully until your trial period runs out.

Download the sample Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file here: