About me

Hello, I'm Alex. I'm a software developer and I focus on fixing and joining systems together.

I've been writing code for the last 20+ years, some of which you might have used:

  • BBC Studios - Working in Big Data for the commercial arm of the BBC
  • Rest Less - The UK's fastest-growing digital community for the over 50s
  • Tesco - Clubcard and online shopping services
  • Trainline - Booking train and coach journeys in the UK, Europe and beyond
  • ASOS - Hunting for your next fashion purchase
  • Just Eat - Letting you order food and managing restaurants behind the scenes
  • easyJet - Finding and booking international flights, hotels, cars and holidays
  • Red Zebra Software - Field management software
  • Grampian Fasteners - Fasteners and fixings, based in Aberdeen

I've coded at scale on different platforms and in a few different languages:

  • AWS, Azure, Cloudflare - websites, CDNs, functions, workers and serverless components
  • Terraform, AWS CDK, Docker - infrastructure as code
  • Grafana, AWS Cloudwatch, New Relic, Sentry, Pagerduty - monitoring enterprise at scale
  • Microservice (and monolithic!) .NET and all the bits that go with it
  • Node.js, Express, Typescript, React, GatsbyJS etc.
  • Ruby, Jekyll, Powershell, PHP, Python and all sorts of other languages
  • Auth0 and friends - identity at scale

I work with lots of different data stores too:

  • Microsoft SQL Enterprise, Express, Compact, MySQL, Oracle
  • DynamoDB and other No-SQL stores like MongoDb

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