Finding and Deleting Windows Performance Counters

Golden Rule #1: Restart your command process and any existing apps when you modify performance counters. Performance counters are installed into the registry, so are not refreshed – only loaded in once to the current process. This causes much frustration.

Golden Rule #2: Don’t mess about with the registry, it can cause performance counters to vanish but still exist so you can’t create them again.

Listing performance counters

Remember: After modifying counters, close your console session. Performance counters are only loaded when a process is started.

To seeĀ all the performance counters installed on a Windows machine and save them in the counters.txt text file, run the following in either cmd or powershell:

typeperf.exe -q > counters.txt

To find a performance counter by name using wildcards using Powershell:

Get-Counter -ListSet "My.Counter.Name(*)"

Deleting Performance Counters

To delete an existing performance counter using Powershell – this has to be exact!

[Diagnostics.PerformanceCounterCategory]::Delete( "My.Counter.Name" )

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