Wiremock on Windows Azure

Wiremock is a great tool which lets you mock responses back to an endpoint. If you setup your app to proxy through it, you can set your own responses to matching requests – great for testing.

I’m going to try this out next week. It should be simple enough to invoke the app using the scripts in the links above, which essentially starts a web app which routes all web requests through to the jar.

Edit: I still need to come back to this, the last time I tried this it didn’t work and then I got distracted by work!

Powershell Prettify XML

Got some XML you need to prettify in powershell? No problem!

Example xml:

<first><second><third>hello world</third><second><first>

Load the XML and preview it in the console prettified:

PS> [xml]$xml = Get-Content C:\temp\input.xml
PS> $xml.Save([System.Console]::Out)

    <third>hello world</third>

Load a file, prettify it, and save it as another file:

PS> [xml]$xml = Get-Content C:\temp\input.xml
PS> $xml.Save(c:\temp\output.xml)


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