Managing Azure with Chef

It looks like Chef supports managing Azure which could be a vital step for end-to-end deployment from a CI environment such as TeamCity.

Microsoft is an official partner of OpsCode

Knife-Azure on GitHub
Check out the readme on this page for hints & tips on creating Azure deployments using knife-azure.

Chef Cookbooks
No cookbooks at the moment for deploying to Azure

Azure IP Restriction

Deploying to the cloud is risky and public. If you’ve got sites you want to hide or restrict until they’re ready, the easiest way to do that is restricting IP addresses that can connect to the sites.

We’ve implemented a custom attribute which decorates our Actions that we need to limit. The attribute checks the IP of the request against a list maintained in Azure / Web config. The beauty in this is the ability to restrict per Action (instead of a blanket restriction).

Check out Randy Burden’s blog for a howto:

We can extended the attribute to take a key, which could be used to specify which configuration value to use for the restrictions.

If you want to restrict connectivity to your entire service, check out these links:

Scriptlet to run Firebug Lite for Safari Mobile


  • Copy the code block below
  • Create a bookmark in safari and paste the code into the URL
  • Open the page you wish to debug and click on the bookmark you created, the Firebug Lite window will open at the bottom of the page