Generate QR Codes using the Google Chart API

When I’m testing or deploying websites built for mobiles and desktops, it’s often a bit of a challenge to get a URL over to a mobile. This isn’t really a problem the first couple of times; you can copy and paste, use Chrome to Phone or Google Chrome, email it over, etc., however I always like to find ways to speed up repetitive tasks.

To address this, at the bottom of our apps, I generate a link to the page and append it to the following URL. This link will generate a 400 w x 400 h pixel QR code to the chl argument.[url here]

Example Generated QR Code

Blow on the pie!

Example script

<p><img src="" alt="Example QR Code" id="generateMe" /></p>
<script type="text/javascript">
var ele = document.getElementById("generateMe");
ele.src = "" + document.location.href;

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